Urban Asset Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately-owned company. Key to our success is the quality and reliability of the well-known, industry accepted Ecosol stormwater treatment products. The range of Ecosol products has been used and is often the preferred system of choice for many urban developments.

Here at Urban Asset Solutions we are constantly developing and improving the Ecosol stormwater treatment product range whilst striving to exceed customer expectations.

Increasingly stringent environmental best management practice requires planners and developers to apply a fit-for-purpose treatment-train approach for stormwater treatment to achieve today’s water quality objectives (WQOs). An integral element to any good WSUD design is the adoption of a treatment train approach. Today the range of Ecosol products has grown to include innovative, site specific, high-performance primary, secondary and tertiary treatment systems. This diverse product range provides our clients with stormwater treatment solutions for most site applications and helps designers achieve stringent site water quality objectives.

Urban Asset Solutions Pty Ltd has always sought pro-actively to validate all Ecosol products’ performance through extensive independent laboratory and field testing. In May 2016 we commissioned EngTest the commercial arm of the University of Adelaide to undertake extensive, select product field testing in accordance with the – Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol – Field Monitoring.

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In developing the Ecosol innovative stormwater treatment systems careful consideration has also been given to durability, longevity, cost, and maintainability.

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