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Stormwater Treatment Solutions - Objectives:

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) objectives and principles are now applied to most urban developments with the aim of minimising adverse impacts that a development may have on the natural ecosystem.

The objective of stormwater treatment is to achieve a real, visible, and sustainable improvement in water quality. Treatment measures, such as gross pollutant traps, litter baskets, sediment basins, grass swales, infiltration and bio-filtration systems, and sand filters reduce the level and concentration of a range of pollutants, thereby enhancing water quality.

Best management practices for stormwater treatment

Best Management Practices require planners and developers to apply a fit-for-purpose treatment-train approach to stormwater treatment because no one measure can remove all of the pollutants typically present in a catchment. Adopting such an approach is the key to achieving water quality objectives (WQOs), although the designed interaction of the different measures will vary depending on site characteristics, the catchment, and the needs of the receiving ecosystem. It is essential that WQOs are established as part of the conceptual design process for a development.

Stormwater treatment measures

A treatment-train approach to stormwater management involves a range of measures (primary, secondary, and tertiary) that work together to enhance water quality.

Primary treatment

The aim is to remove gross pollutants and coarse sediment (>5mm in size) and help in the downstream treatment of smaller pollutants.

Secondary treatment

These measures aim to remove fine particles, sedimentation, and attached pollutants.

Tertiary treatment

Third-stage treatment measures remove very fine/colloidal particulates, dissolved nutrients, and heavy metals.

Stormwater Treatment Solutions by Ecosol Australia stormwater treatment solutions Stormwater Treatment Product Solutions Stormwater Treatment Solutions






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