Ecosol Litter Basket

The EcosolTM Litter Basket (at-source primary treatment solution) is an efficient and cost-effective pre-screening primary treatment system that captures and retains solid pollutants at drainage entry points.

Litter Basket Key Feature  Ecosol Litter Basket Ecosol Litter Basket1 213x300 TheEcosolTM Litter Basket (at-source primary treatment solution) is an efficient and cost-effective pre-screening primary treatment system that captures and retains solid pollutants at drainage entry points.

Key features

The EcosolTM Litter Basket (formerly known as the RSF 100 Solid Pollutant Filter) captures and retains a range of pollutants at entry points to the drainage network. Easily installed into most types of side entry pits, also known as gully pits or catchpits, it retains more than 97% of pollutants greater than 2000μm and in the field it has been found to collect much smaller particles, including fine sediments.

For many years the EcosolTM Litter Basket has been seen as the industry standard for at-source filtration with its effectiveness proven over time both in the field and under strict laboratory conditions. Consisting of a capture basket, reusable liner, and overflow bypass flap(s) the EcosolTM Litter Basket is fitted below the invert of the gutter inside the drainage pit and, importantly, does not obstruct flow into the outlet pipe. The liner is easily removed and emptied during maintenance and comes in a range of filtration fabric sizes from 100μm to 3000μm, depending on the site requirements.Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Side-View  Ecosol Litter Basket Ecosol Litter Basket Side View 300x206

The EcosolTM Litter Basket is designed to meet strict engineering guidelines and manufacturers guarantees and is one of the most durable at-source treatment systems available. The stainless steel components have a life expectancy of 15 years while the filtration bag has a life expectancy of 5 years providing appropriate maintenance practices are employed.

Litter Basket Key Features  Ecosol Litter Basket Litter Basket Key Features Table 2015


Litter Basket configurations and sizes  Ecosol Litter Basket Ecosol Litter Basket4Ecosol Litter Basket Ecosol Litter Basket 1 300x193Ecosol Litter Basket Ecosol Litter Basket 3 300x200Ecosol Litter Basket Ecosol Litter Basket 91 300x225






Key Dimensions

The EcosolTM Litter Basket can be fitted to new and existing side entry pits (whether single, double, or triple in size), including those with non-standard inlets, outlets, and junctions. Typical configurations include:

  Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Drainway   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Grated-Side-Inlet   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Side-Inlet-with-Rubbish   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Drainway-02   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Circular-Inlet  
  Drainway Inlet   Single Grated Kerb Inlet   Side Kerb Inlet   Grated Field Inlet   Circular Inlet  


The table below shows the approximate dimensions and holding capacities for the most typical EcosolTM Litter Basket applications. Holding capacities, treatable flow rates, and by-pass capacities vary dependent on the site-specifics.



1Holding capacities are largely determined by the existing inlet pit dimensions and the outlet pipe diameter but typically ranges from 120 - 364Kg at 100% full.

2The TFR varies dependent on the size and gradient of the outlet pipe and the percentage of fill for the individual baskets. For the purpose of providing indicative TFR’s we have assumed a minimum 375mm diameter outlet and empty litter baskets.

3All EcosolTM Litter Baskets installed in pits larger than 600mm in width are fitted with two by-pass mechanisms. Pits equal to our less than 600mm in width including all circular pit configurations are fitted with a single by-pass mechanism only.


Collection Efficiencies

Particle Size Distribution Collection Efficiency
Stormwater treatment is best when distributed across the catchment treating stormwater pollutants as close as possible to their point of source. The EcosolTM Litter Basket provides a cost effective and efficient solution at point of source and has the highest treatable flow rate of any comparable system.

In order to determine a meaningful characterisation of the EcosolTM Litter Baskets collection efficiency, an extensive verification phase was undertaken by Avocet Consulting Pty Ltd, Ecosol Pty Ltd and EngTest (The University of Adelaide). To best summarise the capture efficiency results of extensive product testing a regression of the data points using a sigmoidal regression curve was selected as it provided a conservative fit to the wide scatter of data collected. Refer to figures 1 & 2 for testing results. Table 1 summarises these results.



Table 1 – EcosolTM Litter Basket typical particle size distribution results at designed Treatable Flow Rates.

Laboratory Testing Collection Efficiency Sigmoidal Regression Lines

In 1996, the University of South Australia tested the EcosolTM Litter Basket (formerly known as the RSF 100). These tests measured the capture efficiencies of the unit in both on-grade and sag situations for a range of flows containing full-size, real-life solid pollutants. In 2012 the University of Adelaide (Engtest Civil, Environmental and Mining) completed further measurements of the products capture efficiency at varying flow rates and compiled a comprehensive product performance report (Performance Review of the Ecosol Litter Basket) reviewing both past and present field and laboratory testing data. The below graphs summarise this data.



Figure 1 - Sigmoidal regression line for the EcosolTM Litter Basket, with a 200 micron filtration bag indicating high capture efficiencies for a range of particle sizes.



Figure 2 - Sigmoidal regression line for the EcosolTM Litter Basket, with a 1500 micron filtration bag indicating high capture efficiencies for a range of particle sizes.

Field Testing Particle Size Distribution Data

The EcosolTM Litter Basket has been subject to a range of field-based tests where it has demonstrated effective performance in retention of stormwater pollutants, hydraulic capacity and durability for the environment in which it operates. The below Particle Size Distribution graph confirms how efficient the product is at retaining particulates conveyed in stormwater surface runoff.



Figure 3 - Field testing Particle size distribution data for three separate product installations.

In recent years modern Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) objectives and principles now applied to most urban development’s require more onerous water quality objectives (WQOs) specifically targeting the removal of suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals. The EcosolTM Litter Basket is an integral part of the treatment train providing essential pre-screening of stormwater flows, and when used in conjunction with other treatment measures such as swales or sand filters will achieve target water quality objectives.



1Figures quoted are mean collection efficiency statistics based on available product testing data. It is important to note that the water quality CE values are indicative of potential field CEs given that EcosolTM Litter Baskets provide physical screening and the removal of chemical constituents is therefore largely dependent on the chemical composition of the particles and the bonding of these chemical constituents to the surface of the particles.


Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Reactive-Filtration-PillowsTo enhance the product capture efficiencies other filter medias can be incorporated into the design.

Hydrocarbon booms installed within the EcosolTM Litter Basket will provide additional protection against oil or fuel spills in wet conditions.

Reactive filtration media pillows installed at the base of the basket will provide improved capture efficiencies for heavy metals, total nitrogen, total phosphorous, turbidity and suspended solids.


Hydraulic Specification

Treatable Flow Rate, By-pass Capacity and Headloss

The EcosolTM Litter Basket has a high treatable flow rate and is designed specifically not to significantly impact on the inlet capacity of the stormwater inlet pit into which it is installed. The EcosolTM Litter Basket is specifically designed to treat between a 1:1 year to 1:3 month ARI in accordance with current stormwater Best Management Practices. Additionally the unit has been designed to cater for maximum flow by-pass at minimal headloss. The table below shows the approximate treatable flow rates, and by-pass capacities for typical stormwater inlet pits.



Given the wide range of pit types, sizes, and configurations, Ecosol provide a complete turnkey service inclusive of site measure, manufacture and installation on-site to suit each individual stormwater inlet pit. This flexibility, when compared to other off-the-shelf, supply-only products, means the client can be assured of a unit that not only has proven performance but also one that is ideally suited to the particular needs of the site. The unit’s unique design enables it to maximise holding capacities for the many different types of pits without impeding on the hydraulic design characteristics of the inlet pit.

  Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Collection-Pit-01   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Collection-Pit-02   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Drainway-03  


The EcosolTM Litter Basket should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning frequency and the cost, depend heavily on the surrounding environment, the unit’s proximity to a waste facility, the number of units, their location, and the type of pollution collected. The figures in the table below give a broad guideline about the optimal catchment size, and the number of cleans required annually based on typical expected pollutant loads.


Initially EcosolTM recommends that regular monitoring is undertaken monthly. Once the unit has been in operation for an extended period of time (say, 12 months) the monitoring schedule can be adjusted to reflect the actual operating conditions specific to the catchment. It is also recommended that the unit is inspected after every major storm event.

One of the key advantages of the EcosolTM Litter Basket is that it can be cleaned by vacuum method using street-sweeping vehicles. This is safe and cost efficient.

EcosolTM has a very competitive cleaning service. After each clean we provide a report detailing the volume and type of pollutants removed. We believe that it is in your best interests for EcosolTM staff to clean and maintain the unit, not only because we are specialists, but also because proper monitoring and maintenance enhances the unit life significantly.

Should you use another company to clean the unit, or undertake this work yourself, we request that it be conducted according to EcosolTM’s specifications. Otherwise, you may invalidate your warranty, as damage caused by inappropriate cleaning procedures is not covered. The advantages of using EcosolTM to clean and maintain your unit are that you get:

  • regular inspections of your unit
  • a comprehensive cleaning service with removal and disposal of all captured pollutants
  • a detailed report provided on completion of each clean
  • trained and experienced staff; and remedial work completed, if required.

Over the past 15 years EcosolTM has developed a comprehensive database of the many EcosolTM Litter Basket units installed throughout Australia and New Zealand. Cleaning reports compiled over this time confirm the unit’s unique ability to capture and retain a wide variety of pollutants. More than 200 such cleaning and maintenance reports have been compiled. A selection of reports can be obtained by calling on 1300 706 624 or emailing at





The EcosolTM Litter Basket is an at-source filtration system that is ideal for capturing solid pollutants in a variety of locations but is especially effective in built-up areas, so-called “hot spots” such as shopping precincts and restaurant strips.

  Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Cafe-Precinct   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Commercial-Precinct   Ecosol-Litter-Basket-Residential-Development  

Restaurant Strip


Shopping Centre


Residential Development


 The ability to retro-fit the EcosolTM Litter Basket into existing pits means that drainage lines serving pollutant-generating catchments, such as schools, shopping precincts, and central business districts, can be targeted for treatment at a much reduced cost than is often available using other treatment methods, such as a GPT. EcosolTM’s range of products enables it to offer clients a specifically-designed solution. A larger-size, GPT is often the most appropriate choice but, in many other situations, the at-source EcosolTM Litter Basket is the ideal solution.

Treatment-train Approach

As no one measure can treat all of the pollutants generated from a typical development a treatment-train approach to stormwater management is always preferable. This involves using a range of treatment measures, working together, to achieve improved water quality. TheEcosolTM Litter Basket operating as a pre-screening system in a treatment train provides essential primary treatment thereby enhancing the operating life of secondary and tertiary treatment systems.

Examples of a typical treatment train approach where the EcosolTM Litter Basket has been incorporated as essential primary treatment includes:

  • Installation of the EcosolTM Litter Basket for removal of gross pollutants and coarse sediment along with associated pollutants at high flows within each gully pit to provide pre-screening of stormwater prior to it being diverted to an on-site detention pit for temporary storage to be released progressively at a rate equal to or below pre-development discharges. This helps mitigate downstream flooding.
  • Sand filters are often used to remove suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total phosphorus, and faecal coliform bacteria. However, to optimise performance and to extend the life of the sand filter media, pre-screening is needed. As shown opposite, the EcosolTM Litter Basket can be used to remove gross litter, vegetative mater, and coarse sediment loads.
  • Whilst constructed wetlands improve water quality by removing sediment, reducing bacterial contamination, and trapping nutrients, they cannot operate effectively without some form of primary treatment.

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