Ecosol Background

Background: As we move into the new millennium, water has become one of our most precious commodities. Governments and companies spend millions of dollars to protect, store, and supply this valuable resource. However, the world's waterways have come under increasing pressure from the effects of urbanisation and industrial growth. Water pollution is now arguably the biggest environmental problem facing society today. Ecosol recognises that one cause is urban stormwater run-off, which is not generally filtered before entering rivers and seas.

The 1992 Rio de Janeiro world environment summit provided the vision for both our future and our survival. Each attending country gave an assurance that the protection of the environment would be a priority. Key to this aim was the cleanup of our waterways and the establishment of a range of measures to prevent pollution in the future.

Government action has now increased in almost every industrialised country and environmental agencies have been charged with cleaning up our waterways. The aim is to restore those waterways to the way nature intended.

Ecosol has successfully developed a range of products that filter pollutants from not only stormwater but also sewage, another major contributor to the degradation of our waterways.

Ecosol Brief Company History and Background

Ecosol began operations in Adelaide, South Australia in January 1996 with the aim of developing an at-source method of filtering gross pollutants from stormwater side entry and grated stormwater pits. Once that aim was met with the award-winning EcosolTM Litter Basket (formerly known as the RSF 100 unit), development of a wet sump Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) began which resulted in the company's flagship products, the EcosolTM Gross Pollutant Trap and the EcosolTM Drop Trap.

In 2007 Ecosol acquired the Net Tech technology and recently released the unique fully-contained rainwater storage and re-use system, the EcosolTM Rain Tank, to safely and efficiently treat and store our valuable rainwater run-off and reduce dependency on mains water.

Today the company’s product range and services it provides has significantly expanded to meet industry Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines and to assist our clients achieve Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) objectives.

Our product range now includes:

Primary treatment

EcosolTM Litter Basket EcosolTM Net Tech EcosolTM Trash Rack EcosolTM Net Guard EcosolTM Drop Trap EcosolTM GPT (in-line and off-line) EcosolTM Silt Arrestor EcosolTM Soakwell Litter Trap

Secondary treatment

EcosolTM Storm Pit EcosolTM Sand Filter

Tertiary treatment

EcosolTM Bio Filter EcosolTM Cartridge Filter

Rainwater harvesting and re-use

EcosolTM Rain Tank

Spill containment

EcosolTM Spill Containment Unit

Additionally the company now provides preliminary civil engineering hydrology and also MUSIC input values and modelling to assist you with your next project.

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