About Ecosol

Ecosol - A Leader in Stormwater Filtration

About Ecosol Asset Management ecosol About Ecosol Asset Management Services 19 300x225Established in 1996, Ecosol is a leader in the rapidly-expanding global stormwater filtration industry and stormwater treatment solutions. Our technologies take stormwater filtration to the next level. With offices in Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand and more than 20,000 installations worldwide, we are now looking to capitalise on our outstanding track record of success by further internationalising our business.

We provide clients with high-performance technology solutions for removing solids, free oils, and sediment from stormwater.

We provide a high-quality turnkey, client-focused service from design through to commissioning, working closely with local councils, authorities, consulting engineers, and property developers to help them design the most appropriate system for their needs. Our approach is unique in the stormwater filtration industry as it adopts a total management strategy to develop solutions that maximise benefits and minimise life-cycle costs.

As a solutions-driven company, we are committed to ongoing research and development of new and improved products. Our latest award-winning products includes secondary and tertiary treatment systems such as the EcosolTM Sand Filter and EcosolTM Bio Filter.

Our technologies are used mainly for stormwater applications but can be used to separate solids from a fluid, such as in wineries, industrial and food processing.

Our Commitment

Ecosol - About Us Inspection ecosol About Ecosol About us Ecosol 2 300x225Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services is integral to our total solutions approach. Ecosol is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of excellence not only in product delivery but also after-sales service. This is supported by our long-standing commitment to quality accreditation; see our Quality, Environment, and OH&S certifications.

Our commitment does not stop once our products are installed and commissioned. We conduct a comprehensive and regular program of unit inspections to ensure each one performs as specified. We also advise on product maintenance and recommended cleaning frequencies. This program includes attractive offers to upgrade existing units with the latest technologies where the demonstrable net benefits to the client and community are substantial. If you would like details of our upgrade program contact an Ecosol representative.

Our highly innovative and productive research and development team enables us to remain at the forefront of the environment industry by continually developing or acquiring new products and improving existing ones.

About Ecosol Vision

Ecosol - About Us Construction  ecosol About Ecosol About us Ecosol 6 300x199Our vision is to restore the world’s waterways to the way nature intended. We wish to be recognised as a world leader in the removal of waste, and other solids from stormwater, sewage, and other fluids using a range of different technologies for use in the community, home, and industry.

We strive to create long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders as well as our sub-contractors, suppliers, and employees. We support equal employment opportunities for all members of our community.

We are also actively involved in educating the community and students about the benefits of a cleaner environment.

About Ecosol Future Plans

Ecosol - About Us Stormwater management  ecosol About Ecosol About us Ecosol 1 300x223Currently we are pursuing several overseas opportunities and plan to:

  • capitalise on emerging opportunities in the wine, industrial, and food processing sectors that are increasingly under pressure to upgrade waste management practices;
  • continue selective R&D opportunities to ensure the group maintains its leading edge;
  • develop partnerships, alliances, and licensing agreements; and
  • selectively acquire complementary technologies and businesses in the industry.
  • continue to diversify into complementary markets to capitalise on the establishment of our manufacturing facilities.

Further information about Ecosol and Stormwater Treatment Solutions

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