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Ecosol - A Leader in Stormwater Filtration

Established in 1996 we are an internationally-focused group of companies that provides innovative, site specific, high-performance, and very affordable range of stormwater treatment products and stormwater treatment maintenance, auditing rehabilitation and rectification services to assist in improving our urban environment.

We do this by providing a turnkey service to our clients from design through to commissioning and ongoing maintenance that assists you achieve current Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines.  Backed by experienced staff and extensive industry know-how we are able to provide a range of services to support you meet your water quality objectives for your project.

Our unique approach to work closely with our clients to find the best and most cost-effective solution is key to our success. We encourage regular weekly consultative meetings with all interested parties to ensure project deliverables are being achieved and to ensure future targets and objectives are clearly defined.


To be a leading provider of quality, services that sustain and enhance the environment in which we live and the communities in which we operate.


  • Our team is passionately committed to customer service, as well as environmental and social responsibility.
  • We take our duty of care for people seriously and uphold our commitment to safety and risk management.
  • We strive to continually exceed our client’s expectations and seek to foster a collaborative environment working together to enhance project outcomes for all partiers.

Ecosol Pty Ltd is a licenced building work contractor to the civil construction and structural landscaping industry specialising in environmental management services. 

  • Licence Number: CBSSA BLD 169992 – Civil Construction
  • Licence Number: QBCC 1211234 – Structural Landscaping 

Ecosol is also pleased to be an approved contractor and supplier with:

  • WALGA - Local Government in Western Australia, Preferred Supplier (Contract No. CO33/13) for the provision of Road Building Materials and Related Services within the following categories - Drainage Pipe Supply and Drainage Services.
  • LOCAL BUY - the Government Association of Queensland (LGAO) Contract Number BUS256-0416 approved supplier for the provision of Pipes, Pipe Relining, Pumps, Water Meters, Pre-cast Concrete and Fibre Reinforced Products.   

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Further information about Ecosol and Stormwater Treatment Solutions

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